PhoneLine+ Makes VoIP Even Simpler

Feb 19, 2023

It is now even simpler to move your business to an All-IP VoIP future: PhoneLine+.

PhoneLine+ is a newly released, simple landline replacement solution, designed to support businesses with the upcoming BT PSTN switch-off.

It is the perfect solution for small and micro businesses who want a reliable and cost-effective phone service that runs over the Internet.

What makes Phoneline+ different from other phone systems is that it’s a cloud-based solution. This means you don’t need to invest in expensive on-site hardware, and you can manage your phone system from anywhere with an internet connection. You also have the flexibility to add or remove users as your business grows or changes.

Phoneline+ also comes with a range of features to enhance your communication, such as voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID. Plus, with a simple and intuitive web portal, you can easily manage all aspects of your phone system, from call routing to adding new users.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Make and receive calls anywhere

Take and manage calls on any device. Pick up calls on a mobile device, desktop soft phone, web browser or a traditional handset, so no more running around after the phone.

Existing phone lines can be replaced easily

Pick up and port your existing telephone numbers and attach them to Phoneline+; a smooth transition in just a few days.

Numbers for everything

Use your existing numbers, new numbers, local numbers, non-geographic numbers, whatever you like. You can even give more than one number to one person.

Proper phone system features

Take advantage of phone system features like CallerID, voicemail, call forwarding, opening hours and more, even if you only have one line.

So simple you can manage it yourself

Manage your numbers, calls, routing and users from a web portal, so no more engineering visits and all under your control.

With minimal disruption you can get on with running your business with a future-proof, digital phone line; and you can get ahead of the BT telephone network switch off in 2025.

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