Who We Are

PurpleUC is a privately owned subsidiary of Purple Matrix, and is dedicated to IP based telephony services.

We started as a team of two, and have grown significantly over the past 15 years to become a multi faceted company working in the IT, telecoms and media sectors. We now bring to the table the combined skills of over 25 technical staff, with specialities in many different areas.

We are a financially sound company, with growth funded by profit, which is rather unusual these days.

We recognise our staff to be our most important asset and go to great lengths to build a happy working environment.

If we sound like a company that you would like to work with (or for) then please get in touch.

Our Experience

IT Services - 15 years
Telephony Services - 10 years
Insight & Strategy - 15 years
Creative Services - 7 years
Happy Customers
Deployed Systems

Mission Statement

The three key words which drive us everyday.



Verb: to supply the material means of support for somebody, or be a source of something needed or wanted by somebody.



Adjective: creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it, taking the initiative by acting rather than reacting to events.



Adjective: conforming to the standards of skill, competence or character normally expected of a properly qualified and experienced person in a work environment.