Maximizing Business Communication with Microsoft Teams Premium

Sep 9, 2023

With the evolution of our work landscape, businesses are witnessing an unprecedented change. It’s not just about remote work anymore; the concept of hybrid work has been deeply integrated into our routines. The need for platforms that support this new dynamic while retaining productivity and collaboration is more pressing than ever.

Personalized and Intelligent Workspaces:

Microsoft recently introduced Teams Premium, a platform designed to make virtual communication more intuitive and customized. Gone are the days when setting up a meeting meant wrestling with a myriad of settings. With Teams Premium, you’re provided with meeting guides, which you can choose based on the nature of the meeting, be it a brainstorming session or a client call. These guides ensure your meeting setup aligns with your organisation’s best practices, saving you precious time. Furthermore, personalizing your brand’s virtual image is effortless. Infuse your company’s branding into the meeting lobby, ensuring a consistent experience that mirrors your brand identity.

Leverage AI for Enhanced Productivity:

Meetings can be daunting, especially with overlapping schedules or catching up on missed sessions. Teams Premium offers ‘Intelligent Recap’, an AI-driven feature that streamlines your post-meeting process. It suggests action items, provides insights, and even highlights moments when you were mentioned. So, even if you miss a meeting, catching up becomes hassle-free. Plus, with real-time translations in over 40 languages, global communication barriers are a thing of the past.

An All-in-One Solution:

Managing multiple tools can be cumbersome. With Teams Premium, everything you need for effective communication is in one place. Whether it’s Virtual Appointments, where clients can easily join without downloading any app, or Advanced Webinars with enhanced host controls, the platform is designed to cater to diverse needs. It’s not just about organising or attending a meeting; it’s about maximizing engagement, productivity, and ensuring a secure environment for all participants.

Teams Premium is the ideal collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. With its robust chat interface, dependable calendar integrations, meeting integration abilities, and additional features, Teams Premium is invaluable for achieving business objectives. Plus, with PurpleUC’s expertise, you can leverage Microsoft Teams Premium effectively. Curious about its benefits for your organisation? Chat with us at PurpleUC today!

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