The Big BT Switch Off: What SMEs Need to Know

Aug 18, 2023

The rapidly approaching PSTN Big Switch Off represents a significant shift in the telecommunications landscape. Spearheaded by Openreach by BT, the objective is to transition from the old analogue Public Switched Telephone Network to a more robust, full-fibre digital network. By December 2025, all landlines in the UK will transition to Internet Protocol, signaling (pun intended) the end of traditional landlines and prompting a universal migration to digital networks.

For SMEs, this means an urgent need to adapt. From alarm systems and PDQ machines to video conferencing and file downloading, any service currently running via copper lines, PSTN and ISDN will face disruption post switch off. To avoid potential business disruptions and capitalise on the benefits of the new technology, companies must transition their systems to IP-based solutions like VoIP.

Preparation should begin without delay. The process includes evaluating your current telecommunications infrastructure, identifying necessary upgrades, and researching the best providers to ensure a smooth transition. Consider this as more than just a switch you are being forced to make; think of it as an opportunity to harness the potential of advanced communication solution that offers greater connectivity, flexibility, and overall efficiency.

The bottom line? The Big Switch Off is both a challenge and an opportunity. While the phasing out of older systems might seem daunting, the benefits of new technology are hard to ignore.

For SMEs keen on navigating this transition seamlessly, PurpleUC is here to help. Reach out to us for tailored solutions that align with your specific business needs, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and optimally efficient.

Get in touch now to discuss what options are available to you and your business. PurpleUC has decades of experience in IT services including internet connectivity and modern IP telephony and is a platform/vendor agnostic provider of both. PurpleUC is a subsidiary of Purple Matrix, a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold partner.