What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone allows you to make regular telephone calls to your customers and other businesses directly from inside Microsoft Teams, just like you would call a colleague.

You can make calls from your desktop or mobile, from any location and from any device, in fact anywhere you can access Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Phone eliminates the need for expensive on-premises hardware, allowing you to adopt a scalable, flexible, Cloud-based solution.

Is Microsoft Teams here to stay?

It is safe to say that remote working is not going anywhere anytime soon. Teams is a cornerstone of Microsoft’s strategy for the next decade, so Microsoft Teams Phone is only going to get better.

Can it replace my phone system?

Yes, Teams Phone can entirely replace your traditional phone system or stand-alone Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system. In addition, it will provide you with more flexibility, lower costs and better resilience.

Does it have all the features that I need?

We think so but take a look at the feature list below. If you don’t see what you need, feel free to ask us.

Call queues

queue calls in the order
they’re received

Call hold

with customised hold

Call conferencing

both ad-hoc and dial-in

Presence information

see who is on the phone
or available

Voicemail to email

pick up your voicemail
from anywhere

Call park

to reduce the pressure
to transfer calls

Call recording

available with third-party

Voice recognition

callers can choose menu
options or ask for a
person by name

Direct dial

connect to the right person,
the first time

Call transfers

announce the caller first;
both blind and attended

Auto attendants

allowing you to set opening hours
and control call flows
Do I have to use a softphone and headset?

No. You can use the familiar and reliable Microsoft Teams client on PCs, Macs, and mobile, but there are plenty of options for desk phones, conference phones and meeting room solutions too.

Can I keep my telephone numbers?

Yes, you can. We routinely migrate telephone numbers from various providers, including existing SIP and traditional telephone numbers.

Why should I talk to PurpleUC?

We bring a wealth of telecoms and IT experience with us. Not only can we deliver a Teams Phone solution, but we can also make sure you get the most out of it too.

We have a diverse client base, in various vertical markets across legal, financial and charity sectors, catering for all company sizes in the SME sector.

If you are ready to level up your business communications, contact PurpleUC today.

Is it complicated to set up?

No. We have a great deal of experience in Teams Phone and other Microsoft solutions, so we take care of the complicated bits for you and provide you with ongoing support.

Can it reduce my costs?

Yes, because Microsoft Teams Phone is a very competitive solution, and highly scalable.

  • There is no requirement for expensive hardware to worry about installing and maintaining.
  • Staff adoption is quick and easy as they are already familiar with MS Teams.
  • It improves efficiency, productivity, and team collaboration.
  • We offer competitive call bundles, eliminating UK national and mobile call costs.
  • You can make calls using your existing Internet connection in most cases.

    Is it reliable?

    • Teams Phone is built on Microsoft’s enterprise grade platform, providing reliability and disaster recovery by design. It is continuously updated, so it is always up to date and secure.

      What does Microsoft Teams Phone actually cost?

      Set Up Costs (per customer)

      • Office 365 setup and integration – £100
      • Teams Direct Routing setup – £150
      • System build and programming to your
        specification – £POA
        (depends on requirement and complexity)

      Recurring Costs (per user, pcm)

      • Team Direct Routing User – £7.50
        (includes local/national/mobile call bundle)

      Additional Costs (per user, pcm)

      • Microsoft Teams Phone Standard Licence
        (no calling plan) – £7.50
      • Microsoft Common Area Phone
        Licence – £6.00
      • Support & Maintenance – £POA


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      Mobile services exclusively for the business market providing a simple alternative to the traditional muddle of mobile in the UK. No lock-ins, no long contracts, no hidden costs.

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