Case Study – Alfa Energy

Jun 26, 2022


Alfa Energy Group is an international energy, sustainability and technology consultant partner with 200 employees in four locations across the globe.

PurpleUC migrated Alfa Energy’s telephony platform to Microsoft Teams, enabling them to deliver their usual high levels of service even during the most restrictive COVID lockdown periods. Alfa has since reaped many additional on-going benefits.

Alfa Energy contacted us because they wanted their workforce to have a streamlined, cost-effective communications system, suitable for a hybrid working environment.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge Alfa Energy faced was to maintain the high levels of service to its customers whilst adapting its working practices in response to COVID-19 lockdowns and varying local rules across four different countries.

In simple terms, Alfa Energy required a business as usual outcome in a highly challenging time with continually evolving local restrictions in several international locations.


The Solution

PurpleUC quickly identified that Alfa Energy would reap huge benefits by switching to a Microsoft Teams Phone based solution. There were many reasons for this decision, including:

  • The team had become accustomed to using Teams for video call meetings and group chat, so were already familiar with the interface.
  • The mobile nature of some of the roles meant that being able to use Teams on mobile devices would be a huge advantage.
  • A high proportion of staff were continuing to work from home, or had switched to a hybrid mode of working. Microsoft Teams Phone was available to work with them, wherever they were based.
  • Being a VOIP solution, switching to Microsoft Teams Phone meant that the management team no longer had to worry about The BT Switch Off.
  • The company wanted a long-term solution that would evolve as their needs change. Microsoft Teams Phone is at the cornerstone of Microsoft’s strategy for the next decade, so is only going to get better and more powerful.
  • Microsoft Teams Phone is loaded with all the features that Alfa Energy was looking for including auto-attendance, voicemail, call control, transfer between devices, call conference and sophisticated call recording and reporting through a third-party partner.
  • Management and staff members are now able to get on with their work when visiting other regional offices effortlessly as if they were sat at their usual desk.


PurpleUC migrated Alfa Energy’s telephony platform to Microsoft Teams over a weekend and with negligible interruption to the day-to-day operation. As a result, Alfa Energy managed to deliver usual levels of service to its customers even during the most restrictive COVID lockdown periods and reaped many additional intangible benefits.

The team is more integrated than ever, workflow is smooth, and everyone now has a phone system that works for them, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using (e.g. PC, tablet, mobile). The IT team is no longer burdened by problems with their old VOIP system and Finance is happy that they know exactly how much to budget for.

Alfa Energy says:-

We have been working with PurpleUC (and their parent company Purple Matrix) for over 20 years during which they have exceeded our expectations time after time on both project delivery and day to day support service. PurpleUC staff are approachable, dependable and, above all, highly competent.

Get in touch now to discuss what options are available to you and your business. PurpleUC has decades of experience in IT services including internet connectivity and modern IP telephony and is a platform/vendor agnostic provider of both. PurpleUC is a subsidiary of Purple Matrix, a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold partner.