The SwyxIt! ‘skin’ concept allows users to quickly and easily change the look and feel of their softphone.  SwyxIt! users can choose from a variety of supplied skins, or you can even build you own.

A power user might want an interface with many speed dials and line keys, whereas a light user might prefer a minimal interface.  It takes seconds to change and minutes to set up.

PC and Phone in Perfect Harmony

SwyxWare enables a user to couple the benefits of SwyxIt! softphone telephony with a physical IP telephone in CTI mode (Computer Telephony Integration).

If you want to be able to power dial from Outlook and still use a traditional telephone, now you can.

CTI also provides for SwyxIt! functionality across hosted desktop and remote desktops session.


Presence Information

Presence information in SwyxWare allows you to display your status and availability to other employees cross the organisation, whether they are in your office, another office or out on the road.

Now you know who is available to take your call before you make that call. That saves time and wasted messages.


The integrated Call Routing Manager puts you in control of call handling. A simple rule based system allows you to route calls based on the caller, who they are calling, the time of day, day of the week and even day of the year.

Integration with your Microsoft® Outlook calendar information or your status, means that call routing can be activated automatically, as well as manually.


Graphical Script Editor

The SwyxWare GSE is a powerful tool that allows you to build extremely complex, well integrated and totally customisable functionality into your system with the greatest of ease.

Call routing that allows for dynamic routing based on database interrogation, staff availability, or other business factors, ensures calls get to where they need to get to; that keeps customers happy and a business running efficiently.


With SwyxIt! Mobile you can quickly access your business communications even while you are on the go.

Next generation iPhone and Android clients allow you to:

  • see company contacts

  • see up-to-date presence information

  • make internal calls

  • present your office number from you mobile

  • call conference

  • transfer calls

  • call record

  • call from abroad as you were in the UK



SwyxWare provides advanced voicemail. Every user can have voicemail and they can all use it at once. No more worrying about voicemail ports, or running out of storage space.

Voicemail to email comes as standard. That means users can pick up their voicemail via their email from wherever they are, forward those messages or even distribute them.