Hosted IP Telephony

If you are using a traditional PBX in your business, it is time you considered adopting IP telephony, and realising the benefits of flexible communications.

In simple terms ‘hosted’ telephony is about telephone systems that reside in the Cloud. Your users can access the system through a physical handset, softphone or mobile from almost any location with an Internet connection.

Better still, that means you can run your telephones over your Internet connection, saving money on telephone line rental, and in almost all cases your calls too.

Even better still, it means no more investing in PBX hardware, maintenance or upgrades.

The PurpleUC team has been involved in IP telephony for over ten years, and coupled with a proven track record in network design and deployment, that means we can design a solution that will leverage the technology to benefit you.

Whether you want a solution that gives you flexibility, smarter working, or business critical redundancy we have built them all.

Interested? Let us show you want the generation of telephone systems can do for you.


What Are My Options?


PurpleUC works with a number of vendors, in order to be able to offer a complete range of solutions to suit a wide variety of customer needs. That means we can design a solution around your business needs, as opposed to trying to fit your needs into a single product.

Our primary partner is Swyx ( Why? Because the SwyxWare product provides a Unified Communications Platform, not just another telephone system.

SwyxWare is capable of integrating voice, email, voicemail, fax, messaging, presence information and your company applications. It is intuitive, flexible and customisable.

We even had to put the feature list on another page…

Swyx Features
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