Use Microsoft Teams Phone to optimise your home working environment

Feb 5, 2022

Working remotely from home is here to stay. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated communications and collaboration software, it’s efficiency and feasibility is no longer in question. Adding further fuel to the pre-existing trend towards remote working, the Covid-19 pandemic saw large swathes of the UK’s population move to regular home working.

With its obvious benefits, including the elimination of commutes to work, increased productivity and better work/life balance, homeworking practices look set to endure, even when the disruption of recent years subside, and ‘normality’ is resumed.

Armed with the right technology, organisations of all sizes and in all industries can work remotely without compromising efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

Microsoft Teams Phone (formerly Microsoft Business Voice) is at the helm of the work from home revolution offering a multitude of benefits to remote workers.

Meet with co-workers efficiently

Physical meetings may now seem “retro”, with remote meeting video widely embraced as the “new norm”. With Microsoft Teams Phone, meeting virtually is seamless. Organising and hosting a meeting are conducted in one convenient platform. Users can plan meetings, use the chat facility, and file documents prior to or during meetings. Everything is accessible in one place.

Host online events

Physical events were another casualty of the pandemic. Savvy, forward-thinking businesses became adept at hosting virtual events, utilising the ease and proficiency of Microsoft Teams Phone. Large live meetings, including launch events, training events and webinars, can be organised, hosted and delivered for up to 10,000 attendees both inside and outside of the organisation.

Plan tasks with Microsoft Planner

Planning and prioritising tasks can be a challenge when individuals are operating remotely from different locations. Microsoft Planner enables team members to plan, organise and execute tasks remotely with greater efficiency using the planner tabs in a team channel. Team members are notified when they are assigned tasks, and the status of each task can be tracked.

Combatting loneliness

A lack of human interaction and feelings of isolation are potential drawbacks of working from home. Through chat and video call functions, modern communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams Phone help combat home working isolation, putting users face-to-face with co-workers. It might not be the same as being in the same room, but it’s a good second best!

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