Make Your Numbers Work For You

The telephone number that you choose for your business can be a useful tool.  It can be used to support your brand message, create an impression for your customer, or just be easy to remember.

PurpleUC can provide a wide range of geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (0333/0800) numbers.  These can be used in conjunction with an existing telephone system, a new IP telephone system, or just on their own.

Whether you are a sole trader simply wanting an 0800 number to encourage new business, or a larger company wanting to investigate regional marketing by using local numbers, we can help.


Did You Know?

0800 and 0808 numbers are recognised by over 90% of people as free to call, and can dramatically increase your telephone enquiries.

0333 and 0330 numbers are often free to call (or at least low cost), are considered to portray a professional image, and can give the impression that your business operates nationwide.

01 and 02 local numbers can now be completely virtual, give the impression your business is local to a specific area, and can be used to monitor marketing campaigns.

0844 and 0870 numbers can be used to generate a revenue from the calls that you receive, via a rebate.