Embracing Hosted VoIP: The Strategic Move for UK Businesses

Nov 30, 2023

Why Are UK Enterprises Adopting Hosted VoIP?

In the fast-paced digital world, UK businesses are on the lookout for communication solutions that are robust for today and scalable for the future. Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services are increasingly preferred for their ability to modernise how businesses communicate. But what exactly is prompting this migration from traditional telephony to Hosted VoIP?

The Rise of Hosted VoIP

Is Traditional Telephony Becoming Obsolete?

The corporate communication landscape in the UK is experiencing a significant transformation. Recent telecom research highlights a crucial development: more than 40% of UK SMEs have partially or fully integrated VoIP systems into their operations. VoIP leverages internet technology for call transmission, offering an array of enhanced functionalities over the conventional systems.

How Can Your Business Benefit Financially from Hosted VoIP?

The financial incentives of adopting Hosted VoIP are clear and powerful. Businesses report a marked decrease in operational costs, as VoIP systems eliminate the necessity for complex and expensive hardware or maintenance. This is particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises prioritising budget efficiency.

Can VoIP Grow with Your Business?

Hosted VoIP’s scalability is exceptional, permitting companies to expand their communication systems in line with their growth. The ability to seamlessly integrate advanced features, such as call forwarding and voicemail-to-email, is achieved without the need for additional hardware investments.

What Advanced Features Does VoIP Offer?

Today’s VoIP systems come equipped with a suite of advanced features, previously either unavailable or too costly. These range from smooth video conferencing to full CRM integration, streamlining operations and enhancing interactions with customers.

Can VoIP Empower Remote Working?

The importance of VoIP in supporting remote work cannot be overstated, particularly in the current climate. Its inherent flexibility enables staff to connect to their office’s communication systems from any location, ensuring continuous communication and teamwork.

What Should Businesses Consider When Switching to VoIP?

While the benefits are compelling, reservations around reliability and security persist. It’s essential to collaborate with a trusted provider that guarantees rigorous security protocols, consistent uptime, and superior customer support.

Why Choose PurpleUC for Your Hosted VoIP Needs?

PurpleUC specialises in crafting bespoke Hosted VoIP solutions that facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring your business is equipped with a robust and intuitive communication system.

Opting for PurpleUC is not just about upgrading your phone system – it’s about revolutionising your collaborative processes and establishing a new benchmark in business communications. We are committed to supporting you at every stage, from the initial consultation to comprehensive aftercare.

Get in touch now to discuss what options are available to you and your business. PurpleUC has decades of experience in IT services including internet connectivity and modern IP telephony and is a platform/vendor agnostic provider of both. PurpleUC is a subsidiary of Purple Matrix, a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold partner.