It’s All About Bandwidth

Being connected is critical in today’s business world. More and more business functions rely on fast, high-availability Internet connections.

There are acronyms aplenty when it comes to choosing your internet connectivity, whether it’s ADSL to EFM, the list is endless.

PurpleUC can help you understand what type of service would suit your business and your budget, help you understand what you are buying and make sure it is installed and managed correctly.

Whether you need a simple broadband service, or a mission critical fibre Ethernet connection, we have a variety of solutions to suit, so you just need to ask.

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What’s What?

OK back to those acronyms…


Short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, and is your standard Internet connectivity over existing copper wires.


Ethernet First Mile is the technology that has recently replaced SDSL, a symmetric line which couples multiple copper pairs together to give faster upload and download speeds.


Fibre optic broadband lines which offer faster speeds than their copper counterparts.

Fibre Ethernet / Leased Line

A dedicated line which is “leased” from the carrier. It is a symmetric service, and you will be the only customer using it.